Friday, July 7, 2017


}DUKE PROPOSES A TRANSFORMER SUBSTATION AT PATTON & CLINGMAN (Former Hunter Volvo). They are also buying all adjoining property along Clingman to Hilliard

}Neighborhood input is essential to inform Duke of our needs, values and aspirations. Open-air substations like those on Desoto Street in West Asheville or Rankin behind the US Cellular Center are not acceptable designs

}Select WECAN Board members have joined a multi-functional development task force with representatives from Duke, City of Asheville and adjoining neighborhoods

}Receive Task Force updates by email if you request; email request to Detailed updates are also posted to this WECAN blog,

The city of Asheville is growing along with its power demand. Demand and aging infrastructure requires additional power be made available. Duke has looked at several sites on the west and south sides, but is most interested in developing a new facility at Patton and Clingman. WECAN board members are working with Duke and the city of Asheville to guide matters within our limitation. Both Duke and the City understand the importance of this site as a gateway to Asheville, WECAN and River Arts, but it will take dedicated effort of the WECAN neighborhood to encourage the right type of development should it go forward.  Please see detailed information and history on the WECAN blog.

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