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WECAN Board Meeting Minutes February 7, 2019

WECAN Board Meeting Minutes February 7, 2019  

Board Members present: Sherrod Barnes-Ginifer, Joe Fioccola, Rebecca Lance, Lesa Peterson, Rich Peterson, Sandy Sox, and Shelly Schenker.Members not present: Danny Aull, Lynn Hall. Also present: Matt Bacoate, Byron Ballard, Rachel Larson, APD Community Liaison Lt. Chuck Sams and CRO Justin Wilson.

INTROS: Lesa called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm. 
APPROVAL OF MINUTES:Shelly moved and Sherrod seconded a motion to approve the January 3 minutes as emailed. The motion passed. 

APD CRO UPDATE: Officer Wilson followed up on the homeless camp on the hill behind Soapy Dog and Pink Dog Collective on Depot Street that subjects have been evicted from city property. Remaining on site is a lot of debris that needs to be cleared. Shelly asked of letters from RADBA and WECAN would expedite the clean up. Lt. Sams offered to refer it to the new Police Administrative Assistant Jerri Jameson. Shelly will also inform Brenda Mills. Wilson also thanked Rich and Rachel for locating a bike stolen from a porch on Jefferson Drive on Feb 5. A backpack was stolen from a car parked at Roots Hummus on West Haywood Street left unlocked for 1 minute. He advised to take that as a reminder to lock your vehicles. Following upon a question from Lynn about a break in on West Haywood the suspect came in through an unlocked back door probably in the daytime and only took some small items when more valuable ones were there. A locked vehicle was broken into on Payne’s Way near the Wedge but was also locked back up afterwards. There is a homeless camp behind the Cotton Mill Studios on Roberts Street and he is working with the property owners on that. The debris left at the former campsite near the Hillcrest walkover bridge is now more visible and appears to be laced with syringes. NCDOT has been asked twice to clean it up. Citizens contacting DOT may have an impact. Officer Wilson has been involved in a discussion of revising the City’s Homeless Policy and the discussion continues.
Lieutenant Sams reported that the search for a new Police Chief had engaged a nationwide search firm The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) which is gathering information from the community in three areas: what qualities, attributes, skills would you like to see in the next police chief, share suggestions for improvements in police services and what suggestions to the new chief would you give. There have been two public meetings at the Grant Center and at Stephens Lee as well as sessions with police staff. Answers to these questions can also be submitted on line at the city projects page until February 28.

NEIGHBOR/BLOCK JESSIE UPDATES:  Rachel and Rebecca noted sales of two homes on Jefferson and Park Square. Rebecca noted some trees planted on Club Street that will eventually hide from view where homeless camps have been.

TREASURERS REPORT: Rebecca reported the current balance is $760.99. She also distributed a financial report for the 2018 calendar year as per the new financial procedures. (Attached.)  The bank has lost the form that confirmed that Rebecca is the treasurer. A new form was presented to be signed by the officers. She has some questions about the IRS form 990 asking for the (undefined) ‘Principal Officer.’ Joe’s name was used on the Reinstatement forms and can continue to be used. She will also have to create an IRS log in.

      Safe Streets:Rich is still waiting for the traffic counts to be taken on Hilliard, on West Haywood and on Roberts Streets. His concern is pedestrian safety on Roberts Street between West Haywood and Clingman Circle. He will also ask for a crosswalk at the west end of Hilliard towards the Boy Scouts Building. 
     Joe explained the Duke Rezoningof one residential property on Knoxville Place that will be affected by the Duke Substation was approved by City Council. The other properties must remain zoned residential until the other properties on Clingman are developed—which will not happen until the substation is completed. 
     Joe also heard on Monday from Traffic Director Ken Putnam about the Encroachment Agreementto maintain the property across from Asheville Transit. He advised that an action plan was being prepared the next day and he would share it when it was completed.


Communications Update: Lesa met with Pattiy and got the WECAN admin and login
information for Google and Mailchimp. She is in the process of culling and updating the various mailing lists within Mailchimp and creating templates for ease of future mailings. She observed that the WECAN BlogSpot acts as an archive or repository of the minutes, agendas and financial information but a website would be more interactive and user friendly. We could drive traffic to the website for neighborhood announcements, events and pictures. She indicated that she would pay for the creation of a new website on SquareSpace but that the ongoing web hosting fee would cost $12-15 per month. The cost may be an issue as the BlogSpot is free but it hasn’t had minutes posted since August and most neighbors are unaware of its existence. Joe will send her copies of the approved minutes since then to post.

2019 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Lynn sent a list of ongoing activities. Joe took responsibility for Adopt a Highway, annual WECAN NEWS Newsletter, Landscape maintenance at the sign garden, edible garden Owens-Bell Park, Kudzu Hill and possibly the encroachment area. There was a question about whether there was enough involvement to continue these activities. It was also observed that we can do a better job of communicating activities especially through social media. Further discussion was tabled.

OTHER DISCUSSION: Lesa asked about how to obtain the neighborhood tiles. Joe will ask MHO about how many are left.
Meeting adjourned at 7:25 pm 
Minutes submitted by Joe Fioccola, Secretary 

Mark your Calendars for upcoming events and meetings
Feb 11             4-6              CAN Meeting
Feb 18                               Presidents Day
Feb 25             6:30           Neighborhood Advisory Committee
Mar 7              6:30pm      WECAN Board Meeting

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WECAN Board Meeting Minutes January 2019

WECAN Board Meeting Minutes January 3, 2019  

Board Members present: Sherrod Barnes-Ginifer, Joe Fioccola, Lynn Hall, Shelly Schenker, Members not present Danny Aull, Rebecca Lance, Sandy Sox. Also present: Byron Ballard, APD Community Liaison Lt. Chuck Sams, CRO Justin Wilson.

INTROS: Lynn called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Sherrod moved and Shelly seconded a motion to approve the December 6 minutes as emailed. The motion passed.

APD CRO UPDATE:  Officer Wilson reported that the campsite near the Hillcrest walkover bridge has been abandoned and anyone found there can be charged with trespassing. The NCDOT has been notified to clear the debris but no timeline was offered. An unlocked car filled with presents was broken into on Jefferson on Dec 8.  A storage container was broken into on a West Haywood construction site, but the items were pawned and the suspect will be arrested. A road rage incident occurred on I-26 near UNCA where a bb gun was fired at a vehicle the suspect was arrested where the incident concluded at the dead end of Park Ave. A teenager stole an employee’s vehicle from the Jonas Gerard Studio.  Justin provided Crime stats that he ran comparing 2017 and 2018 in WECAN. In 2017 102 crimes were reported and in 2018 that number was 111. Vandalism was the most reported crime but there were no big differences since last year. Details can be found at community Shelly reported a campsite behind Pink Dog Collective on Depot Street.
Lieutenant Sams reported that city-wide statistics show violent crime was down 1% and property crime was up 12%. He advised it would be 3-6 months until a new Chief would be hired. Lynn noted that speeding is an ongoing issue.

NEIGHBOR/BLOCK JESSIE UPDATES: Joe noticed the sign fence at Clingman and Hilliard was damaged and he thanked whichever angel repaired it.

TREASURERS REPORT: There was no report for December.

OLD BUSINESS: No movement on Encroachment Agreement, Park Ave renaming or Safe Streets. A meeting date was set for January 10 for Duke Substation update, but no time or location has been set.

NEW BUSINESS: OFFICER ELECTION: Joe offered the slate of Chair: Lynn Hall, Vice Chair: Lesa Peterson, Treasurer: Rebecca Lance and Recorder: Joe Fioccola. Shelly seconded and the motion passed. Lynn needs to contact Brenda Mills to update the neighborhood registration information. We look to Lesa to draft a communications policy/process document.

2019 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: Ongoing objectives include: Adopt a Highway, July 4 Social, Halloween Social, annual WECAN NEWS Newsletter, Landscape maintenance at the  sign garden, edible garden Owens-Bell Park, Kudzu Hill and possibly the encroachment area, the Queen Carson Community Garden and developing a communications policy and process. New objectives mentioned included Christmas caroling, traffic safety, welcome wagon, membership outreach and new development projects such as RADTIP, Duke Substation and maybe greenway construction.

     The regular meeting time was brought up. Changing something that has been in place for decades should not be arbitrary.
     Some roads were closed last month due to river flooding. Shelly reported serious problems with road closed signs remaining after the roads were open.
     36 Jefferson: Lynn spoke to Mike Vance about the options available: build on it, sell it, donate it and the other questions that arise; can anything be done with the topography? What is it zoned for? What do the neighbors want?
Meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm
Minutes submitted by Joe Fioccola, Secretary

Mark your Calendars for upcoming events and meetings
Sundays          4-5:30 pm  Kudzu Hill Work Hour (Weather permitting)
Jan 14              4-6              CAN Meeting
Jan 10              TBA           Duke Substation Working group Meeting
Jan 21                                 MLK Day
Feb 7               6:30pm      WECAN Board Meeting

WECAN Board Meeting Minutes December 2018

WECAN General Membership Meeting and Pot Luck Minutes December 6, 2018  

Board Members present: Byron Ballard, Joe Fioccola, Lynn Hall, Rebecca Lance, Rachel Larson and Pattiy Torno.  Members not present Danny Aull, Jessie Coleman, Jared Fischer, Luke Perry, Floree Lowery, Caroline Mullis and Also present Matthew Bacoate, Sherrod Barnes-Ginifer, Gerald Harbinson, David Heetderks, Luella Heetderks, Charlie Lance, APD Community Liaison Lt. Chuck Sams, Shelly Schenker, Sandy Sox, CRO Justin Wilson.

INTROS: Rachel called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm following a great pot luck that began at 5:30.  Pattiy reported the latest suggestion for a new name for the Park Avenue N section off Roberts Street is ‘Artful Way.’ Those present voiced no objection to it.

MINUTES: Lynn moved and Rachel seconded a motion to approve the November 1 minutes as emailed. The motion passed.

 Officer Wilson followed up on a report of 95 Roberts Street being unsecured.  The owners are hired security to check it a few times a week. He also followed up on report of trash at a campsite near the Hillcrest walkover bridge.  There was a homeless encampment there and he has about half of them moved off and notified NCDOT to clean up the detritus left behind.  He contacted Jason Walls from Duke Energy about the lighting being turned off at 252 Patton Ave and recommended that he contact WECAN about lighting needs.  There was not a lot of crime this month. Five break-ins were reported: two at Clingman Lofts (one arrest was made) two across the street and one further down Clingman. All that was taken was an Xbox and some loose change. Regarding traffic 27 cars have been stopped inside WECAN boundaries (mostly on Roberts, Hilliard and West Haywood) and an additional 26 on Hilliard intersections east of Clingman. He had a talk with the supervisor who then spoke to the manager at Asheville Redefines Transit about busses speeding. The results from the ‘Your Speed is” sign will come after the first of the year. Rebecca let Justin know that the residents on Jefferson appreciate what APD is doing.

Pattiy brought up a health and safety problem on what is being called West Patton which is loosely defined as the Central Business District’s western area. She was asked to help and met with Jan Davis, Jeremy Goldstein, Dana Frankel and Brenda Mills about a problem of some homeless people who are fed breakfast at the WNC Rescue Mission but don’t have a place to relieve themselves afterwards have been going outside the back of those businesses to do their business. (i.e. defecation) They want to expand the next meeting to include more area businesses to compile some action steps and compassion building rather than more policing. They want to follow that meeting with one which includes service providers. Brian K. Huskey should also be asked to attend future meetings.

NEIGHBOR/BLOCK JESSIE UPDATES: Rebecca reported that 31 Jefferson is still for sale, and that she and Charlie attended the dedication of the Trash Trout sculpture has been installed near the boat dock. She found that the sculptor, David Earl Tomlinson, also lives in WECAN at 11-B Park Avenue N. Jean Webb was there and people talked about what inspired them. The neighbor known as ‘Pete’ Basset was in the hospital with pneumonia but was getting better and loves to talk to people. Joe noted that Austin CPA on West Haywood next to Jolie De Shays was adding a story to that building. And that Duke was removing smaller wooden power poles on West Haywood. Luella observed trash on the Duke property. Pattiy heard from Janet Webber that John’s house was under contract. Gerald asked about the I-26 Connector maps showing a greenway near WECAN. He will draft a proposal to connect WECAN to the proposed greenway. The deadline for comments to NCDOT is January 4, 2019 and can be made on line or in writing and no preference is given to comments from organized groups. They say that all comments carry the same weight. Rachel will post on Face Book about the deadline for public comment.

TREASURERS REPORT: Rebecca reported no activity in November. The balance is still $460.99 and two donations were received tonight. The IRS confirmed a retroactive reinstatement of the 501(c) 3 tax exempt status on November 1, 2018.

BOARD MEMBER ELECTION: Joe noted there are currently 5 vacancies. There are 2 years remaining on Jessie Coleman’s term, 1 year remaining on Luke W. Perry’s term and 3 openings on the Class of 2021. Several names were considered and Lynn nominated Rich Peterson, Lesa Peterson, Sandra Sox and Sherrod Barnes-Ginifer as Resident Board Members and Shelly Schenker as an At-Large Member. Rachel seconded. And the motion passed.

ACTIVITY IN 2018: Joe reported the following Events:
Jan: NCDOT/Burying trash   Feb: Duke Power Poles/Ravine         Mar: MHO Apartments, Central Meeting      Apr: Tax Status reinstatement, Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods, May: Adopt formal financial procedures, Dangerous steps to Hillcrest, Rezoning 339 W Haywood St,            June: Conditional Use 439 W Haywood St, Parking 415 W Haywood St, Jessie 80th Birthday Party         July: West Haywood rezoning/Conditional use ,MSD line, Aug:  Duke Public Meeting, Kudzu Hill        Sep:  Clingman Triangle, Jessie moves         Oct:  Festival of Neighborhoods, Halloween Social     Nov:  IRS Retroactive reinstatement granted, Newsletter printed     Dec:  Annual meeting/Election to Board
Guests: Matt Bacoate, Lee Lance, Charlie Lance, Denise LeJean, Bill McCurdy, Brenda Mills, Justin Wilson, Chuck Sams, Carri Petler, Troy Wilson, Jason Walls, Mike Wojnarowski, Pamela OKelly Lift, David Weddington, Avery Dellinger, Bob Fitz, Ted Hughes, Mike Vance, John and Lynne Diamond-Nigh, Blair Johnstone, Katy Aull, Joann, Ben Butler, Brian Haynes, Susan Haines, Nancy Rohan, Gerald Harbison, Sandra Sox, Rich Peterson, John Steinkraus, Sherrod Barnes-Ginifer, Lane Blackwell, Brian K. Huskey.
Ongoing Activity: Adopt A Highway 20 years, Communication: Listserve/Mailchimp/Newsletter
Community Liaison Officer    Gardening: Queen Carson Garden, Ninja Kudzu Hill, Owens Bell Park, Sign Garden, Edible Triangle,  Encroachment Agreement      Homelessness
Issues: Duke Substation Construction, Payne Kissenger Apartments, MHO apartments, RADTIP, Renaming Park Avenue N, Safe Streets, Usage of 36 Jefferson Drive

GRATITUDE: Luella took it on herself to clear brush from the fence at the top of Hilliard and it gave her appreciation for the ongoing work of volunteers in WECAN. She specifically named Joe, David and Pattiy for their continuing work on such as Adopt a Highway, the Nature Trail and commitment to the organization.

2019 ACTIVITY IDEAS:  Lynn will send an email appeal to the list/serve and the Face Book about what we want to do in WECAN this year.  One thing is trying to formalize better communication. Pattiy promoted the idea that communication is a board function and should be the role of one of the officers possible the Vice Chair.  
SAFE STREETS UPDATE: Lynn prepared a handout (see attached) There is a new issue at Asheville Redefines Transit with a plan to have all employees only enter the site through the Park Avenue entrance. Unknown when this will begin.

NEWSLETTER DISTRIBUTION: Rebecca thanked the volunteers who hand delivered this year’s Newsletter: Rebecca, Suzanne Willis, Rachel Larson and Amanda Paffrath. She is not sure about the new residents at Patton Place and about delivery to businesses in WECAN.

Meeting adjourned at 8:18 pm
Minutes submitted by Joe Fioccola, Secretary

Mark your Calendars for upcoming events and meetings
Sundays          4-5:30 pm  Kudzu Hill Work Hour (Weather permitting)
Dec 11                               World CafĂ© on Home Stays
Dec 11             5:00 pm     City Council Meeting- Neighborhood Advisory Committee                  
Dec 18             TBA          Caroling-see Rebecca
Dec 25                               Christmas (No mail delivery)      
Jan 3,2019       6:30pm      WECAN Board Meeting
Jan 10              TBA           Duke Substation Working group Meeting
Jan 21                                 MLK Day

WECAN Board Meeting Minutes February 7, 2019

WECAN Board Meeting Minutes February 7, 2019   Board Members present: Sherrod Barnes-Ginifer, Joe Fioccola, Rebecca Lance, Lesa Peterso...