Friday, July 7, 2017


}DUKE PROPOSES A TRANSFORMER SUBSTATION AT PATTON & CLINGMAN (Former Hunter Volvo). They are also buying all adjoining property along Clingman to Hilliard

}Neighborhood input is essential to inform Duke of our needs, values and aspirations. Open-air substations like those on Desoto Street in West Asheville or Rankin behind the US Cellular Center are not acceptable designs

}Select WECAN Board members have joined a multi-functional development task force with representatives from Duke, City of Asheville and adjoining neighborhoods

}Receive Task Force updates by email if you request; email request to Detailed updates are also posted to this WECAN blog,

The city of Asheville is growing along with its power demand. Demand and aging infrastructure requires additional power be made available. Duke has looked at several sites on the west and south sides, but is most interested in developing a new facility at Patton and Clingman. WECAN board members are working with Duke and the city of Asheville to guide matters within our limitation. Both Duke and the City understand the importance of this site as a gateway to Asheville, WECAN and River Arts, but it will take dedicated effort of the WECAN neighborhood to encourage the right type of development should it go forward.  Please see detailed information and history on the WECAN blog.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

WECAN July 2017 Board Meeting Minutes • Draft

WECAN Board Meeting Minutes July 6, 2017

Board Members present: Byron Ballard, Jared Fischer, Lyn Hall, Rebecca
Lance, Rachel Larson, Luke Perry and Pattiy Torno.
Members not present: Danny Aull, Tom Gibson, Mike Kenton, JoAnn Skinner
and Suzanne Willis.
At Large Members not present: Rafael Rettig and Floree Lowery.
Also Present: Jessie Coleman, Joe Fioccola, David Heetderks, Payne
Kissinger, Hanni Muerdter, Caroline Mullis and APD Officer Justin Wilson.

INTROS: Rachel called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.
MINUTES/ TREASURER”S REPORT: Lynn moved and Pattiy seconded a motion to
approve the draft WECAN minutes from June 1 as distributed. The motion
passed. Treasurer reported no activity.
APD/CRO Update: Justin reported burglaries at two houses under renovation
and two vehicles broken into and one stolen from in WECAN. Also city-wide
an increase in bicycle thefts with locks being cut.
Lyn reported problems with homeless campers on a vacant lot next door to
his home on Park Avenue. He acknowledged Asheville reputation for
tolerance making it a magnet for this activity around hidden or untended
places. It was suggested that the seven days notice should be reduced to 4
days to discourage abuse. Christiana Tugman can be reached at Justin can see the advantage for more officer
discretion in alleviating the problem. Hanni reported a similar problem at
the Clingman Lofts.
BLOCK JESSIES: July 4 party on Jefferson, Pat Crisp’s nephew passed away,
Steve and Britany have finally moved in, Yuri and Mara visited and stopped
their Air B&B, Snake and Sandra’s son just graduated from High School, 
Clingman Lofts had a lot of turnover many owners are using it as a second
home, a hydrant exploded behind Jared’s house, the .63 acre Cotton Mill
building recently sold for $1,950,000.
338 HILLIARD AVENUE: Payne Kassinger is the developer of affordable
housing on the Parks and Recreation Maintenance site.  They have built
1200 units in Asheville since 2009. Next week they walk through with the
city pre demo. He will bring a site plan to the next WECAN meeting. In two
months plans will be finished and then 120 days for city approval.
Construction should begin in April 2018 on the 64 units (34 affordable and
30 market rate). It will not be car-free and is to be called Clingman Park
DUKE SUBSTATION UPDATE:  Rachel gave an overview of the history leading up
to Duke’s option on the Hunter Volvo site. A meeting on June 7 at Haywood
Street Congregation yielded a proposal from Duke to put an Air Cooled
Substation in the middle of the site and fencing all around it. That
option is unacceptable to the neighborhood. At a June 13 meeting with the
Mayor it was suggested that a smaller working group be formed to dig a
little deeper and explore some options for the site. On June 26 Duke
brought in consultants to explain the differences between Air insulated
and Gas insulated Substations. Since then a report from geo-technician
showing the water table on the site at 27 feet below grade—which affects
the initial site plan digging down 20 feet. The costs of site preparation
inflate the entire project cost and may make the more expensive GIS a less
costly alternative but nothing is decided yet—everything is still in play.
A smaller working group has been formed and will meet on July 7 and 10 and
then on August 8th to develop alternatives. A WECAN’s response and
strategy and potential positive outcomes and controlling the messaging
with the media were discussed.
WECAN is advocating for a positive outcome. WECAN doesn’t want to kick the
can to another neighborhood but if it must be here it must be done
RAD FORM BASED CODE: The Asheville Planning and Zoning Commission passed
it. The only opposition expressed was from EWANA who feared Craven Street
properties going commercial would yield a row of Air B&B’s.
RADTIP: The budget estimate came in as twice what was planned so the scope
of the project is now cut in half.. What is still in the project are full
from Hill Street to the old 12Bones, 2 roundabouts, the greenway on the
west bank of the river and a 16 foot wide greenway from the old 12Bones to
Amboy Road. What was cut were: Bacoate Greenway, Town Branch Greenway,
Livingston Street, bollarded bike lanes and the roadway south of the old
MSD: The pipes can’t handle the load and get backed up and a larger line
will go from the end of Park Avenue down the hill to Roberts Street
starting in August and some trees will be removed.
NEW BELGIUM: Pile driving for 65 poles on the north end of the site will
begin in July for water treatment.
SOCIAL: Rebecca proposed a feast when the corn is ready to harvest. Joe
noted the potatoes will be ready soon. A membership drive in conjunction
should also happen.
Meeting adjourned at 8:21 pm
ANNOUNCEMENT: Pattiy announced that the million dollar ‘Taj Matoilets’
bathrooms at 14 Riverside Drive will have a grand opening on July 21 from
3-6 pm.
Minutes submitted by Joe Fioccola, Secretary Emeritus

Important Upcoming Dates:
July 7, 9       Duke Working Group Meetings
July 9       Open City Hall Neighborhood Coordinator survey deadline.
July 10       Meet the Equity Manager Candidates at Civic Center 4:30-6:30
July 11       Development Customer Advisory Group at Public Works
9-10:30 am
July 21       NH leaders Roundtable 8:30 @ Riverlink
July 11, 18, 25       Community Garden Workday/meeting 6 pm
July 17                   C.A.N. Meeting 7 p.m. Oakley Community Center
July 21       Bathroom Grand Opening 14 Riverside Drive from 3-6 pm.
July 25                   City Council reviews RAD Form Based Code
August 1       Next WECAN Board Meeting Thursday 6:30 pm