Thursday, June 6, 2013

WECAN June 2013 Board Meeting Minutes • Draft

 WECAN Board Meeting  June 6, 2013 
Members present were: Byron Ballard, Joe Fioccola, Anna Beth Hardcastle, Rachel Larson, Luke W. Perry, Pattiy Torno. Members not present were: Jeff
 Carnivale, Jessie Nell Coleman, Tom Gibson, Mike Kenton,  Yuri Koslen, JoAnn Skinner and Suzanne Willis. Also Present were: APD Officer Evan
 Coward, Steven Lee Johnson(Siteworks), Chris Strout(Pisgah Area SORBA),Jacob Stachler, Serena Huang, Lauren Taylor, Thachston Crandall,
 Amy Marion (All from Asheville Design Center Summer Design/Build Program) Marsha Stickford, Hanni Muerdter and Sean Illgin.
 The meeting was called to order at 6:37 p.m. with a round of introductions. The first order of business was to change the next
 scheduled meeting on the first Thursday in July since it falls on July 4. It was agreed to move it to the second Thursday July 11. (Joe will confirm
 with MHO on the room availability.) The minutes were approved as distributed and the Treasurer reported that the balance in the WECAN
 account was still $302.79 with no activity last month.
 APD-CRO UPDATE: Evan advised he was reassigned back as the South-Central Community Resource Officer. He reminded us that the non-emergency Police
 number was 252-1110 and his cell number was 777-4505. Joe brought up an anecdotal report of a baby bear on Tuesday near Clingman and Hilliard.
 Pattiy reported that a vehicle was broken into at 12Bones a week and a half ago with only cash items stolen. Evan and Marsha are working on a
 neighbor networking site and ‘app’ called They advised to check the ‘Neighborhood Services” page on the city website
 ( as a portal for neighborhood information such as trash pickup, recycling, etc.   Pattiy asked how the first River Music Concert
 went.  It was reported that there were noise complaints about it being loud but no parking problems. Pattiy requested any attendance data when it
 becomes available.
 BLOCK JESSIES: Rachel reported that the house on Park Avenue was now for sale and on Park Square three changes. Luke reported new construction
 continues on Club Street and may begin soon on a lot behind the old clubhouse. AnnaBeth reported a new baby was born on May 29 to be adopted
 on Jefferson by Steve and Brittany Wager. Hanni reported that Clingman Lofts had one 2-bedroom unit for sale and one 1-bedroom unit just sold.
 Also they were trying to amend the association’s covenants and restrictions to only allow 4 rentals at a time and to cap them at 3 years
 and it has almost passed.
 CLINGMAN FOREST AND TOWN BRANCH GREENWAY: Steven Johnson showed slides of some conditions and problems involved with developing the two greenways.
 The task is to prepare 100% construction drawings after intense and fully documented community input funded by a US DOT TIGER II Grant which is one
 of 33 funded in 40 states. Another project is the EASTOFTHERIVERWAY.COM. Some features include stormwater wetlands, using art to tell stories from
 the community about businesses, trades, people and its history—similar to the recent downtown exhibit about the historic family stores. MHO did a
 study in 2004. That plan for the Clingman Forest Greenway was not fully ADA compliant and accessible as this federally funded plan must be and did
 not appreciate that there is undisturbed old growth forest and flora in addition to invasive vegetation. He advised he would be sharing detailed
 site analysis documents before the next WECAN meeting covering visibility, safety, eyes on the greenway and CPTED guidelines(Crime Prevention Through
 Environmental Design.) He reminded us that the funding was in place for construction documents and not for construction and should be completed by
 mid December. Sitework Studios is taking the lead but are associating with Baker Engineering and Matthews Architects. They have 16 on staff and will
 be putting in 3600 hours of work to complete the project. They will return in July to get input on preferences on trail head designs and ideas to
 represent the neighborhood. The features under consideration include asphalted paths, railings, overlooks in varieties of materials as well as
 stories, history and the look and feel desired by the neighborhood. In addition the Public Art Board may be involved with potential commissions
 at community specified locations. The trailheads will be located to connect with existing transportation. He asked everyone to talk to your
 neighbors about this and encourage them to come to the meeting on July 11. Contact Info: Steven Lee Johnson, ASLA 352 Depot St Suite 120 Asheville NC
 28801 828 225-4945
 PEDESTRIAN FOOTBRIDGE DESIGN-BUILD PROJECT AT JEAN WEBB PARK: Luke is leading the project with the Asheville Design Center. The designers
 brought the design boards from the event on the 31st. and some small conceptual models they have been working on. The design constraints for
 the bridge are that it must be 14 feet wide and have a gathering and resting area with benches and an overhang. They are still working on
 permits, engineering, acquiring materials, site preparation and must be complete by the end of August. They will have more presentations between
 June 14 and 17 and will show models on the site on June 14 at 12:45.
 MASTER PLANNING PROPOSAL: The Master Planning group met and refined and revised the draft proposal. A copy of the draft proposal will be
 distributed separately.
   Dave Steel Site: Pattiy reported 200 apartments of questionable affordability (1 bedroom going for $900 and 2 bedrooms for
 $1250)apparently both affordable and market rate are needed plus a 400 space parking garage put in by the city. Conditional use hearings are
 being pushed before November with three years expected until completion.
   New Belgium:  Luke reported that deconstruction was completed and due to increased capacity at Fort Collins they could delay the construction
 here for 8 months. The delay will also help the city to finish construction of the greenway, realign Craven Street and let the 8 feet
 of fill on the site settle before construction.
   100 PARK AVENUE: AnnaBeth reported talking to Jefferson Drive resident Pete Bassett and he is excited about getting some new neighbors.
 CLINGMAN HILLIARD PED HEAD ISSUES:  Joe is concerned about the spikes near the neighborhood sign which may indicate where the ped-head poles will be
 going.  They appear to be encroaching on the planting and blocking the sign. Marsha will get the locations confirmed before they go in.
 PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE FENCING AND RAILING: Pattiy reported that it is overgrown with vegetation especially on the Hillcrest side.
 ADOPT-A HIGHWAY:  Renewal contract was sent around for signatures to extend to July 1 2017.
 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: The by-laws call for two per year one in the fall to elect new board members and the second will be called for sometime
 in August.
 COMMUNITY GARDEN: a proposal was sent with the last minutes and will be resent to Marsha.
 Meeting adjourned at 8:17 p.m.
 Minutes submitted by Joe Fioccola.

 Upcoming events:
 Community Celebration Saturday June 15 1-4 p.m. at the Dr Wesley Grant Senior  Southside Center
 Green Opportunities 5 year Anniversary: Thursday June 20 5:30-8p.m. The Mill Room (66 Asheland Ave.)
 Juneteenth Celebration at Hillcrest Apartments on Saturday June 22 from 11-3 p.m.
 Midsummer Daydreams Solstice Celebration June 22 3 p.m. at French Broad River Park
ABCRC(ASHEVILLE-BUNCOMBE COMMUNITY RELATIONS COUNCIL) Dance Party June 28  8p.m-12 at Asheville Area Arts Council Depot St