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WECAN Board Meeting Draft Minutes January 2, 2019

WECAN Board Meeting Draft Minutes January 2, 2019
64 Clingman Avenue Meeting room 6:30 pm

Board Members present: Byron Ballard, Joe Fioccola, Rebecca Lance, Rachel Larsen, Lesa Peterson and Pattiy Torno,
Members not present, and Sherrod Barnes-Ginifer, Mike Kenton, Rich Peterson and Sandi Sox.
Also present Brian Burns, Shawn Leetz and APD CRO Justin Wilson

CALL TO ORDER: Rebecca called the meeting to order at 6:33 pm with a round of introductions.
APD CRO UPDATE:  Justin noted a few serious crimes since the last meeting. At 306 W Haywood Street an arrest was made for a break-in using a crowbar. A break in at Curve Studios caused a lot of damage to a safe and a laptop was recovered in Marshall where two suspects were arrested and face felony charges in Madison and Buncombe Counties. A laptop taken from a vehicle on Jefferson was found near the Boy Scouts Building. For a year-end review Justin also ran unofficial numbers of reported crimes in WECAN comparing 2018 and 2019. There was a small increase from 58 to 64 and the busiest months continued to be March, April and June. Other unreported issues were Sherrod’s bike missing from her shed, several boxes of ‘Magic-The Gathering’ cards taken from a vehicle on Girdwood St, Justin will check for a report of a possible stabbing near Michigan Avenue posted on Nextdoor only. New Police Districts begin on January 11. WECAN is in Charlie District with Lt Lamb in charge and Justin as CRO. Lt Sams will continue as Liaison for at least until a new Chief is hired.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Byron moved and Rachel seconded a motion to approve the December General Membership meeting minutes as distributed. The motion passed.

NEIGHBOR/BLOCK JESSIE UPDATES: Pattiy observed someone acting suspicious at a busy time before the Curve break-in but was relieved that they were not the arrestees. She also observed some mysterious movement of rocks on her steps but there may be someone in the area known to do things like that. Brian noted some screens were cut in preparation of a break-in but none occurred. Joe noted that two large planters were smashed in front of the Patton Apartments. Rachel noted on Park Square that Colleen and Dave were expecting a bundle of joy any day now. Pattiy was approached by ‘Mayor Pete’s’ people for canvassing on January 11 for RAD Second Saturdays. ’Senator Bernie’s’ folks were also organizing then. Sherrod’s First Saturday teas continue from 10-12 at her studio on Girdwood Street and Sylvia holds ‘makers nights’ on Thursdays. New chickens and kittens are coming to Jefferson.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Rebecca reported $415 was donated in December and 5 tiles were distributed and the balance is $1627.45.

SELECTION OF OFFICERS: Pattiy nominated Rebecca for Chair and Byron seconded. The motion passed.  She expressed her vision for WECAN as a loving connection in the neighborhood. With the opening for Treasurer left by Rebecca she nominated Pattiy for that position and Rachel seconded. The motion passed. Rebecca nominated Lesa for Vice Chair and Pattiy seconded and the motion passed. Pattiy nominated Joe for Secretary and Byron seconded and the motion passed. A brief review of communication responsibilities confirmed that the Chair will set the agenda and notify the Neighborhood Coordinator of the new Chair’s contact info. The Vice Chair will post the agendas in the week before the monthly meeting on MailChimp and Next Door and minutes the week after on the WECAN blogspot. Lesa also noted a lot of unread emails and gave passwords to Pattiy and Rachel. Pattiy will review and forward appropriately. Joe explained that Mike has a conflict every other Thursday and would miss regular meetings in May, June, July, November and December.

AT LARGE NOMINATIONS: If Shelly is interested in serving another one year term Lesa will ask her. She will also ask Jessie if she is interested. Other nominations for non-residents who have interests in WECAN will be taken at the next meeting.

YEAR VISION AND GOALS: Continuing activities shall include Adopt a Highway litter pick-ups, Kudzu Hill workdays on first and third Sundays and Melk workdays will continue on second and third Sundays at 4 or 5 DST.  Community Garden will continue with a spring planting and clean up day. The Neighborhood Advisory Committee will have a Festival of Neighborhoods on Saturday May 16 (May 30 rain date) at MLK Park from 1-3. They want neighborhood groups to set up information tables (supplied) and there will be food trucks, music and prizes. National Night Out will be on August 4. Sunday wants to organize something in WECAN. If RADTIP is completed a celebration of some kind would be in order. Sandy was interested in working on a Welcome Wagon effort and Sylvia, Shawn and Lesa will follow up with her. Rachel will ask Howard about an Easter egg event at Hanger Hall, also Harvest Party, Halloween party and caroling.

OTHER ISSUES:  There was some discussion about Jetty Rae’s regrouping and drainage problems from the Duke property across Knoxville Place. Continue monitoring the funding for Bacoate Branch Greenway. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:53 pm
Minutes submitted by Joe Fioccola, Secretary 

Mark your Calendars for upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and meetings:

January 4 10-12 Open Studio at 21 Girdwood Street
January 5          4-5:30 Kudzu Hill/Clingman Triangle work day
January 11 Second Saturdays in the RAD
January 12        4-5:30 Melk Encroachment Workday
January 13        4-5:30 Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods
January 17        8:30am Neighborhood Leaders Round Table
January 19 4-5:30 Kudzu Hill Workday
January 20 MLK Day
January 26        4-5:30 Melk Encroachment Workday
February 2 Groundhog day
February 6        6:30 pm WECAN Board Meeting 

WECAN General Membership Meeting Minutes December 5, 2019

WECAN General Membership Meeting Minutes December 5, 2019
64 Clingman Avenue Meeting room 6:30 pm

Board Members present: Sherrod Barnes-Ginifer, Joe Fioccola, Rebecca Lance, Rich Peterson and Sandy Sox.
Members not present Danny Aull, Lynn Hall, Lesa Peterson and Shelly Schenker. 
Also present Byron Ballard, Gerald Harbinson, Lee and Charlie Lance, Shawn and Keith Leetz, Sylvia Organ, Amanda Paffrath, Rachel Larsen, Martha Scull, Pattiy Torno, Suzanne Willis and  APD CRO Justin Wilson

Rebecca called the meeting to order at 6:34 pm with a round of introductions and invitation to enjoy pot luck meal..
APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Sandy moved and Rebecca seconded a motion to approve the November meeting minutes with one spelling correction. The motion passed.

APD CRO UPDATE:  Justin described the extent of the new Central Police District which includes all of the Central Business District, East End Valley Street Neighborhood, South Slope, South French Broad, WECAN, Depot to Greens Mini Mart and the River Arts District. The new districts begin in January and are designed to improve response times. Recent crimes in WECAN: 32 Clingman Ave CED suspect jumped the fence and broke into 2 vehicles; near Riverside Boat Ramp: female assaulted on Nov 7; Green Street and Owens Bell Lane 2 vehicles broken into one was unlocked and a tool box stolen; Residential break in across from All Souls Pizza. Pattiy reported graffiti tags on the back of her building and found a flip phone. Sherrod’s mailbox was knocked over; City Wide: mail and package thefts, [Lee noted that the post office will scan mail deliveries at no cost so people will know what was delivered and what may have been taken.] car break-ins downtown and S French Broad (12 of 14 reported were unlocked); 7 motor vehicle thefts; Justin noted that the homeless policy was being looked at and the department had some input on the revisions to the noise ordinance. Lt Sams had family obligations and apologized for missing this meeting and the January meeting.

NEIGHBOR/BLOCK JESSIE UPDATES: People asked about Howard Hanger’s health. And whether there were restriction on using the trail between Park and Jefferson and the steps from Park Square to Roberts Street. Pattiy announced a Holiday Market on Saturday December 14 from 12-5 at Curve Studios. Sherrod announced an open studio at 21 Girdwood Street with coffee or tea on December 7 and on First Saturdays from 10-12. Rebecca announced neighborhood caroling will begin at 5 pm on Thursday December 12 at Jefferson with soup and cider. She will bring lyrics, singers should bring lanterns. . Rich, Sandy, Amanda hand delivered the legacy tiles. 

 Rebecca reported a balance of $1212.45 with a donation from Curve Studios. She also received donations and presented tiles to donors at this meeting.

Joe gave an activity summation for 2019 as follows:
   Jan: Officers elected: Lynn, Lesa, Rebecca and Joe; Discuss changing meeting date; River flooding; 36 Jefferson; Objectives: Duke rezoning, Streets and landscaping;
   Feb: Safe Streets meeting with Traffic engineer; Duke rezoning; Melk Encroachment agreement began; Communications plan;
   Mar: Tiles usage; Aston Park Advisory Board; MHO Clingman Property; Recycling 101;
   Apr: Easel Rider arrangement with RADBA; Opportunity Zones;
   May: Encroachment Agreement signed; Artful Way named;
   Jun: General Membership Meeting at The Patton Apartments; NAC Forums announced Orange Peel Concert behind Hopey; NAC requested presentation. Kudzu Hill Sundays; RAD way-finding signage meetings; River Arts Place renamed;
   Jul: No Meeting; Melk clearing begins;
   Aug: National Night Out; Street Study completed; NAC Forums on Traffic and Noise; Jetty Ray proposal; Granite Curbstones request;  
   Sep: brief meeting and I-26 Asheville Design Center ideas;
   Oct: Safe Streets Plan; RADTIP update; Meeting frequency question; Newsletter; New Belgium Donation pass-through;
   Nov: Knoxville Place houses demolished; New Traffic Pattern on W Haywood and Green Streets; Aston Park Tennis Court Dedication; Halloween party;
   Dec: General Membership Meeting; new board members elected: Byron and Mike to class of 2021 and Rachel, Pattiy and Rich to Class of 2022.
     Pattiy explained the use and caveats regarding the granite curbstones from Park and Jefferson.

Joe explained the assignments to unexpired terms for 2019 : Rich (Luke), and 2020 Sandy (Jessie); Five names were nominated: Rich, Byron, Pattiy, Mike Kenton and Rachel. Rebecca moved and Joe seconded approval of the slate and the motion passed with Byron and Mike in the class of 2021 and Rachel, Pattiy and Rich in the class of 2022. Thanks to Danny and Lynn from the class of 2019.

ISSUES DISCUSSION: The idea of a welcome wagon might be needed and handouts like the hand delivered newsletters to let more people know what is going on--maybe a garden cleanup or spring event? Sandy suggested having National Night Out in WECAN instead of Aston Park for several reasons: uphill, no parking, homeless issues. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:42 pm
Minutes submitted by Joe Fioccola, Secretary 

Mark your Calendars for upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and meetings:

December 7 10-12 Open Studio at 21 Girdwood Street
December 8      4-6 Melk Encroachment Workday
December 12    5-7 Caroling starting at Jefferson
December 14    12-5 Holiday Market at Curve Studios
December 22    4-6 Melk Encroachment Workday
December 25                           Christmas day
December 31        New Years Eve
January 2          6:30 pm WECAN Board Meeting 

WECAN Meeting Minutes November 7, 2019

WECAN Meeting Minutes November 7, 2019
64 Clingman Avenue Meeting room 6:30 pm

Board Members present: Joe Fioccola, Rebecca Lance, Rich Peterson and Sandi Sox.
Members not present Danny Aull, Lynn Hall, Sherrod Barnes-Ginifer, Lesa Peterson and Shelly Schenker. 
Also present:  Matthew Bacoate, Amanda Paffrath, Gerald Harbinson, Lt Chuck Sams and Pattiy Torno.  

Rebecca called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm with a round of introductions.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Rebecca moved and Joe seconded a motion to approve October meeting minutes. The motion passed.

APD CRO UPDATE:  Lt Dams didn’t have specific WECAN info. Matt reported a break-in at his neighbor’s at73 Clingman Avenue where the only thing taken was a jewelry box. Sandy noted the exact same thing happened at her neighbors. The applications for Chief of Police closed on October 31.  Human Resources and the City Manager will check them and hope to interview in mid-December and begin service by January to February. He explained the new police districts begin January 1. The big changes join East with North, extending South up to Mission and creating a fourth district in Central which includes WECAN.

Joe reported that the houses on Knoxville Place are gone. Pattiy posted some pictures and said it’s just sad like losing the Club House or Ice House. Joe noticed that the Patton Apartments have replanted the trees on Patton Ave that died.  Pattiy’s 30th anniversary party ay Curve was a big success. Matt hadn’t heard from Rachel in a while and was worried. Joe saw her last week on Park Square. Amanda announced that her husband Travis Smith was running for NC Senate and soon would begin knocking on doors. She thanked WECAN for the introductory article in the WECAN News. The Halloween Party was fun it was a bit cold but there was plenty of hot cider and fun costumes. The Studio Stroll is this Saturday and Sunday. Pattiy asked if WECAN wanted to do some caroling this year. She and Rebecca will organize something. Joe noted the Lewis Isaac Tennis Court Dedication Ceremony at Aston Park was cold but had warm words from Laura Loftis, Bob Smith, Jeff Joyce, Julie Mayfield and Toni Isaac and the Asheville Youth Choirs. Amanda asked about the area across from Asheville Transit. Joe has spent about 20 hours on ten days since July and Gerald helped on one clearing the overgrowth on the second and fourth Sundays at 5. That may change to 4 pm since the end of Daylight Savings Time. You can see into the area now but it’s only about half done.

 Pattiy noted work begun on the Five Points Roundabout and sidewalks near West Haywood. They may be trying to take advantage of the weather to complete as much as possible before winter but it’s not what they said they would happen and businesses are hurting in their busiest time of year. When the asphalt plant reopens in March there will be hard closure on Lyman and Roberts and that will affect traffic with detours to Clingman.

 Rebecca reported a balance of $1075.45. Pattiy presented a check for the bar tips matched by Curve for $137.00.

WECAN NEWSLETTER: Rebecca reported that the newsletter was completed. Joe has thanks to everyone who contributed articles. She and Amanda will help distribute before Thanksgiving. Great thanks to Allegra for donating the printing.

 Signs are up at Green Street and West Haywood Street at the new 3-way stop. It appears to have slowed traffic and also seems like there is less traffic. The ‘road narrows’ signs may be misplaced. They belong on Roberts Street-not West Haywood. Rich will follow up. Joe asked Rich to find out when the ‘New Traffic Pattern’ signs will come down. He also noticed the ‘No Turn on Red’ sign at the West Haywood and Riverside intersection where a new turning lane was built. Thanks go to Rich for heading up the effort.

Rebecca noted that they will be offered for donations at the December 5 General Membership Meeting.  She also followed up on the board decision to give a tile to long time residents. Ten Legacy Households have been in WECAN since 1994 or earlier: Matt Bacoate @ 67 Clingman, JoAnne Skinner @ 91 Clingman, Joe Fioccola @ 34 Girdwood, Rickey Brown @ 21 Green, James Bassett @ 69 Jefferson, Howard Hanger @ 31 Park Ave N, David Heetderks @ 69 Park Ave N, Charles Hadden @ 39 Rector, Pattiy Torno @ 6 River Arts , and Herman Crisp @ 34 W Haywood. Rich, Sandy, Amanda will present them and Joe will draft a letter of appreciation to go with them. 

The plan is to Eat and then Meet (briefly.) The agenda will have an Approval of minutes, CRO update, Block Jessies, Summary report on the activities of the year, Election of new Board members, Tile offerings and update on Caroling. Open discussion for concerns or suggestions for the coming year. 

There was some confusion as the stream was already named. Possible with an underground stream near Southside and AB Tech in the watershed that extends from Beaucatcher Mountain west to the French Broad River. A stakeholder event is planned for Friday November 15 from 4-6 at 8 River Arts Place 
(formerly 14 Riverside Dr.)

PROPERTY UPDATES: On the first section of 339 W Haywood, Scott Carter is planning a 1 story with mezzanine and showroom and 15 parking spaces and closing expected in March. Jetty Ray proposal at 144 Riverside Drive is now looking at uses by right and probably won’t go back to City Council. Stone Yard may begin work by the end of the year. The property owner there was told never to sell but continues to own in partnership with proceed of the sale. 

Meeting adjourned at 7:47 pm
Minutes submitted by Joe Fioccola, Secretary 

Mark your Calendars for upcoming events, volunteer opportunities and meetings:

November 10      4 pm Melk Encroachment workday
November 9-10   10-5         STUDIO STROLL 
November 17      4 pm Melk Encroachment workday
November 28                       Thanksgiving
December 5      6:30pm WECAN General Membership Meeting and POTLUCK

WECAN Board Meeting Draft Minutes January 2, 2019

WECAN Board Meeting Draft Minutes January 2, 2019 64 Clingman Avenue Meeting room 6:30 pm Board Members present: Byron Ballard, Joe Fi...