Monday, September 10, 2012

Community Energy Plan

The City of Asheville is engaging the East of the Riverway neighborhoods to conduct a Community Energy Plan, and is looking for feedback from residents in these neighborhoods.  Please see the flyer below for more info on how to participate. 
Laura Piraino, with the City of Asheville's Sustainability office breaks it down a bit further:

A community energy plan identifies different ways to reduce energy use
and creates green jobs.  Instead of just listing ways individuals can
save energy, like on most internet sites, it also has ideas for
businesses, groups of people, community organizations and entire
neighborhoods. A team weatherization program, a discount green products
purchasing program  or community solar project are examples. Many of the
ideas cost little or nothing, just involve changing the way you do
things.  The ideas are turned into recommendations after research and
engagement is done for that specific neighborhood or city.

Why does that matter?

* When you reduce energy use, you save money. You can also make your
home more comfortable, even if you don't pay your own utilities. 

* It creates local green jobs

* When energy costs rise, it allows people without extra income to stay
in their homes.

* Money spent on fossil fuels leaves the community, while at the same
time it costs the community a lot of money to deal with the problems
that burning fossil fuels cause.

* If the community wants to implement any of the project or program
ideas, there are examples, choices, and much of the research has been
done to see if they make sense.

* It reduces greenhouse gases.

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